Sunday, November 15, 2009

We are back

We are finally back in the US.  Returning to the US has been different than what we expected.  We have been feeling a little out of place here, but after a few weeks, we are feeling much more normal and are adjusting back to life in the US.  It is difficult to describe the emotions we have been going through.  It has been Dinner timegreat seeing friends, family, and our dogs, but we also miss our friends in Kenya and of course the babies at the baby center.  We look forward to hearing about how they are doing.  As we moved in to our new place we have realized just how much stuff that we have.  We have been here for over two weeks and we are still unpacking.  Nicole and I have enough shoes for a small village in Kenya.  It will be a challenge for us to keep living IMG_0133more simply here in the US.  As for what we are doing next, Nicole and I don’t know.  We feel a little lost as to the direction for our lives.  We are looking for jobs and are planning to wait about six months and then evaluate whether we will return right away to Kenya or not.  We are so grateful for all our support while we were in Kenya.  We will be posting many more pictures of our trip on the web in the next few days.  We will post a blog when they are up. ~ Jeremy

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